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SEVA saves you time and hassle of researching your new location in Texas…
…As your personal relocating guide.
New and exciting adventures await.

Make Your Move

Looking to relocate to Texas?
New job?... Family obligations?... Approaching retirement?

OR...Looking for a new adventure?

SEVA can research your next move.

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Photo courtesy of Brodie Vissers

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Don’t see a plan that suits your needs? - Custom plans are welcome!
SEVA provides the research that deters fear of the unknown…
…To a smooth and successful move…Enjoy this New Journey!

Prices and Service Plans subject to change.


Once your desired location is determined, a network of Top Rated Professional
Real Estate Agents are at your disposal.

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Photo courtesy of Brodie Vissers

Taking the Leap!

Relocating can be frightening...Texas is BIG!
SEVA searches out your next location per your criteria.

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Photo courtesy of Brodie Vissers

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What our clients are saying

“ Happy Happy!...Thanks SEVA for a stress free move.. You were so easy to work with - encouraged me all the way!!”

— Madge S.


Keep in touch!

We would love to hear about your journey.

Visit our blog for more tips.

The Journey South.


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About Us

Our journey South from the upper Midwest was a shock to our system - that is an understatement.

We were totally unprepared for the heat, humidity, flooding rains and the BUGS!

They say everything is bigger in Texas, from the bugs to the blue sky… That is a true fact.
Do we have any regrets? - No!

Over time we learned to adapt, amazing how adaptable you can be, as we eased into Southern living.

The years have flown by since making that journey across country. Leaving all that was familiar to us and we haven’t looked back. During that time we have learned a lot of great tips and valuable information.

Information I wish someone would have shared with us beforehand... Would have made the transition a whole lot less stressful and overwhelming.

THAT is the reason for this Relocating Guide business. To assist you and guide you to a fabulous landing spot, to get on with living life – Stress free!

You can check out these great tips and valuable info at our Blog,

The Journey South.

Texas Welcomes Ya’ll with open arms! - Texas is Open for Business!! - Economy is booming!

One more thing – “Don’t Mess with Texas!”… Enjoy the journey… Yeehaw!